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Game Based Learning

Game based learning (GBL) is pertinent in both formal and informal learning environments. GBL supports the acquisition and development of various hard and soft skills. Some of which involve communication skills, strategic skills, problem solving and social skills that help with breaking social barriers. In fact, games based learning is extremely helpful to individuals with disabilities because it makes the learning experience more engaging as it requires participation. Besides the benefits which this method of teaching employs, it involves the use of computer and video games specifically. Consequentially this encourages the take up of ICT and other computing subjects.


Game Based Learning for Early School Leaving​
Create Games for Education

Early school leaving (ESL) and low achievement in basic skills key societal challenges facing educators working in Malta and Europe. Recently, the EU set the target of reducing ESL to 10% across member states by 2020. Figures from 2013, show that the percentage of early school leavers in Malta was ...READ MORE​

The positive impacts of digital games on the learning process of students have been supported by numerous research studies throughout recent years. These positive impacts are supported by the fact that games put students at the centre ...READ MORE​​