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About the Pooling4Cluster Project


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About the Pooling4Cluster Project

The Pooling4Clusters (P4C) Project was an Interreg IVC funded programme, which comprised of seven partners namely Belgium, France, Estonia, Malta, Slovenia, Germany and Greece. The project related to the Regional Development Agencies (DA) pooled services for clusters which focused on the links between the DAs and Cluster initiatives in their environment. More precisely, the project was aimed at analysing and sharing of experiences regarding value added services provided by DAs in order to help Cluster Initiatives be more efficient and help boost the success of regional development objectives.

The scope of the project was to have both experienced and non-experienced participating countries partnering to exchange best practices. Such activities were being tackled through the use of a common analysis methodology and through the analyses of the transferability of said good practices to other regions. This was then followed by an evaluation process to gauge the quality of results obtained, and propose recommendation plans to regional authorities in order to improve cluster support policies.

The project aimed to reinforce the collective innovation capacity of companies through efficient clustering. It was believed that through this project, the project partners will be equipped with the existing best practices shared amongst each other which in turn will help improve cluster efficiency in the respective countries. Malta’s role in this project was therefore:

  • To participate in the collective workshops and study visits to learn from already established best practices;
  • Contribute to the project results by defining Malta’s recommendation plans to Maltese policy makers.

Within the overall objectives, the project had the following sub-objectives:

  • Creation of leverage effects in cluster support policy and innovation support;
  • Foster improvement of regional cluster support policy and innovation support;
  • Contribute to cohesion and competitiveness in Europe by bridging the gap between more and less advanced regions within the project consortium through exchange of experience and transferability assessments. Partners were at different stages in terms of support to clusters in the respective countries but close enough to ensure that mutual learning process would be helpful for all;
  • Demonstrate the importance of cluster support policy for regional competitiveness in all partner regions, particularly in the less developed.

The Pooling4Clusters project was characterised by a medium level of intensity of cooperation. Within the framework of the project, partners were jointly participating in more than 22 meetings. These meetings each contributed to technical workshops, coordination and management of activities as well as study visits. The project commenced in January 2009 and was implemented over three years.

For more information contact Daniela Busuttil Dougall on or call on 25992510