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GMICT Policies

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Government of Malta
ICT Policies, Directives, Procedures and Standards
for the adoption and use of technology within Government


ICT Policies, Directives, Procedures and Standards for the Government of Malta 

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is responsible for the upkeep of the Government of Malta ICT Policies, Directives and Standards, collectively referred to as the GMICT Policy Framework. 
The GMICT Policy Framework will continue to evolve according to Government's changing business requirements to make them work together as a consistent whole. These measures are aimed at making the complete GMICT Policy Framework more flexible and maintainable. 
GMICT Policy apply to all of the Public Sector, in line with the Statute of MITA, which states that: “It shall be a purpose of the Agency to deliver and manage the execution of all programmes related to the implementation of information technology and related systems in Government with the aim of enhancing public service delivery” (Statement 3(1b)). 
A number of published documents may still bear references to the Central Information Management Unit (CIMU). These documents are being revised to make the necessary changes that reflect the change in roles and make the content of these documents current. In the meantime, all references to CIMU should be taken to refer to MITA.


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