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Google Street images to start in Malta

Publication Date: Sep 19, 2016

Another milestone in the process to make available Maltese street images online through Google Street View will  today start to materialise as announced by Google on the 16th September 2016.  This process is another step further in the route of digitisation bringing Maltese street images available along side with that of most other countries.  This is an opportunity to help further expose the beauty of our islands, our history, culture and characteristics through imagery.  This is an incentive to further promote economic growth, particularly tourism and the promotion of the business sector.

Further to the meeting held between MITA and Google officials, way back in April 2015, MITA is looking for further collaboration with Google, to implement more exciting projects that exploit Google technologies.  These are opportunities for our country to further grow our ICT sector by bringing over further tech giants to implement leading technologies locally, thus making our country more attractive for ICT business operators to set presence in Malta. 

MITA believes that this is the way ahead to continue grow and strengthen our ICT sector and Malta’s ICT position within EU and our geographic region.