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MCCFF launches a mobile app to reach the public and volunteers

Publication Date: Dec 19, 2016
The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, in collaboration with MITA, today launched a mobile app which will serve as a communication tool to reach the public and volunteers. During this occasion, MITA also revealed that it will be co-ordinating the pledging lines during L-Istrina.
The launch was hosted at MITA Data Centre in Santa Venera where the President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca was welcomed by MITA’s Executive Chairman, Tony Sultana, together with representatives from the agency.
Her Excellency, the President of Malta praised MITA’s employees while describing them as great souls offering their time voluntarily.
President Coleiro Preca said that through this app, the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation will be more efficient, will get closer to the people and will be more visible and transparent.
While thanking MITA’s Executive Chairman, Tony Sultana and MITA’s employees, the President also showed her appreciation for the help that MITA will give during L-Istrina, where amongst other things, MITA employees will be collecting pledges from Maltese and Gozitan citizens, like they did already during L-Istrina in Gozo.

Honourable Minister Dr Emmanuel Mallia also praised MITA’s commitment to help MCCFF through technology and ICT. In his speech during this event, Dr Mallia said that MITA has shown its solidarity with this important foundation that helps all the Maltese citizens.
During the launch, MITA’S representative, Wayne Zammit described the primary features which are included in the app while explaining that the mobile app was developed as part of MITA’s corporate social responsibility.
Mr Zammit also explained that the users will be kept updated with the latest news and initiatives that will be organised by the foundation from time to time. In fact, the app offers also the possibility of sending notifications when a new news or activity is organised.
Another important feature of the app is that it keeps volunteers at the centre of its focus. It is for this reason, that apart from providing access to the latest news and initiatives, this app also offers the facility to provide targeted information for volunteers.

The app offers also general information about the foundation, access to online forms, information related to volunteers, the vision and statute of the foundation, as well as access to the audited accounts of the foundation. Users can also make suggestions and request more information.
During the launch, MITA’s Head of Facilities Management, Wayne Lee Valentine revealed that a team of 80 volunteers from MITA will be co-ordinating the electronic system through which the pledging lines during L-Istrina will be operated.  
Mr Valentine also said that MITA will be taking care of other behind the scenes jobs, namely the co-ordination of the collection of money together with volunteers from MCCFF and Ecabs and the reconciliation process together with the auditors.