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Malta – the leading example in the provision of eGovernment services

Publication Date: Oct 03, 2016
Malta has just been reconfirmed as leader in the delivery and performance of eGovernment services amongst 34 countries (28 European Union member states together with Iceland, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Montenegro).  The results were published in the eGovernment Benchmark Report 2016 issued earlier today by the European Commission. (

The benchmarking study carried out by Capgemini, Sogeti, IDC, and the Politecnico di Milano measures four top-level indicators as well as compares the performance of eGovernment services between the participating countries.  As in last year, Malta has again attained an exceptional result by leading in all the top-level indicators and ranking first in the overall results.  

“Malta and Portugal are still the leading examples, where 
the large majority of services are either automated or fully online.”

(Source: European Commission (2016), A turning point for eGovernment development in Europe? – Background Report, p.28)

The first indicator is User Centricity, where the report measures the online ‘availability’ and ‘usability’ of eGovernment services.  Malta has ranked first in both measurements and also in the overall indicator, with a score of 95%, 18 percentage points more than the EU average.

The second indicator, Transparency, examines the extent to which governments are transparent about their own responsibilities and performance, the service delivery process, and the personal data involved.  The EU average score in this indicator is 55%; Malta is clearly ahead of all other participating countries with a score of 97%.

Figure 1 - Transparency

(Source: European Commission (2016), A turning point for eGovernment 
development in Europe? – Background Report, p.31)​
The third indicator, Cross Border Mobility, assesses governments’ ability to provide businesses and citizens seamless access to online public services when they are away from their home country.  Once again, Malta leads the rankings with an overall score of 89%, 34 percentage points more than the EU average. 

“Malta and Estonia are among the highest scoring countries..., and 

have increased even more to 98 per cent confirming their ‘digital’ status.”

(Source: European Commission (2016), A turning point for eGovernment development in Europe? – Background Report, p.39)

Malta is also leading in the fourth indicator Key Enablers which measures the availability of a number of technical elements which are deemed important for the delivery of eGovernment services.  Malta achieved an overall score of 98%, 44 percentage points more than the EU average.
Figure 2 - Key Enablers
(Source: European Commission (2016), A turning point for eGovernment 
development in Europe? – Background Report, p.39)​

Hon Emmanuel Mallia, Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy welcomed these excellent results.  Hon Mallia reaffirmed the Government’s support towards the implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy, which was launched by the European Commission in 2015.  “The Government is committed to deliver innovative and secure eGovernment services aimed at opening up digital opportunities for both citizens and businesses alike and enhance Malta’s position as a leader in the digital economy.” added Hon Mallia.

Mr Tony Sultana, Executive Chairman of the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), said that such positive results reflect the incessant drive of the Agency to produce secure, transparent and user centric online services.  “This year, the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary has increased impetus to make online services accessible through mobile devices.  In collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, MITA and various Ministries, are developing a number of mServices thus paving the way towards achieving Government’s commitment to reach out to a wider spectrum of audiences through different channels.” concluded Mr Sultana.

The eGovernment Benchmark 2016 Insight Report is available at: 
The eGovernment Benchmark 2016 Background Report is available at:​