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Procurement Outlook


MITA Procurement Outlook
Q2 2017 - Q3 2017

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the central driver of Government's information and communications technologies (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta.

The publication of this Procurement Outlook is intended to give the industry prior indication of tenders that the Agency is anticipating to be published during the forthcoming period, thus enabling the industry to be better prepared to participate in MITA’s tenders. This Outlook is not a definitive and/or exhaustive list and is compiled according to the general information available to MITA on the date of publication. Interested parties are invited to check the Electronic Public Procurement System  regularly for the official issue of tenders. 

Tender Heading Tender Description Estimated Issue Date
Provision of Energy Efficient Laptops As part of a recurrent procurement process, MITA shall procure a number of energy efficient laptop computers.

 Q2 2017

Data Compliance Services for the Inspire Directive
Provision of data compliance services, including training, related to the spatial data harmonisation and compliance of datasets that fall within scope of the European Commission INSPIRE Directive.
Q2 2017

Leasing or Procurement of Passenger Cars
Leasing or Procurement of Passenger Cars Q2 2017
Provision of Graphic Design Service & Video Editing

Provision of Graphic Design Service & Video Editing.
Q2 2017
Provision of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Consultancy, Support, Training and Additional Services
This tender is for the provision of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 consultancy, support, training and additional services. The requested services will be used for the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 based Enterprise Collaboration platform which is hosted and operated by MITA. Q2 2017
Disk-based purpose-built Enterprise Backup Storage Arrays
MITA will be publishing a Tender for the procurement of a number of Disk-based, purpose-built Enterprise Backup Storage Arrays, including related Maintenance & Support to support MITA's already procured and in-operation backup software applications. Q2 2017
Development of a National Data Portal
The required procurement involves the development of a National Data Portal to serve as the single point of contact for the management of data assets across the whole public administration.
Q2 2017
Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services MITA shall procure insurance brokerage services from a registered and licensed insurance broker. These services shall include the procurement and placement of insurance cover together with advice on the insurance requirements in conformity with appropriate risk management principles Q3 2017
Q2 2017 (April - June 2017) and Q3 2017 (July - September 2017) 
Disclaimer: This information shall not be construed as a call for tenders. MITA does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. MITA reserves the right, in its discretion, to add, modify, substitute or remove any of this information, including not issuing any of these tenders.  
MITA assumes no liability or responsibility for any prejudice, claims, losses and/or damages of any nature whatsoever from use of this information. It is recommended that interested parties refer to the MITA official website for further information.
For further information contact:
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