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Mobile Public Services Take-up

The revolution of using mobile phones for verbal communication purposes that spearheaded during the past three decades has evolved in such a way that people demand and seek such mobile usage that is beyond traditional usage. In today’s world, mobile technology can be used as a tool to help citizens be informed and access information anywhere and at any time.

Publication Date: 07/02/2019 Author: Jason Zammit

CTO outlook for 2019

MITA is embarking on several modernisation initiatives intended to keep government ICT infrastructure and services in the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Publication Date: 03/02/2019 Author: Jonathan Cassar

Injecting AI into Customer Care

One may have many sad or pleasant experiences of customer care and after sales service which may augment or inhibit the good will of a company. But what happens when the service provider is a Government entity, one which we cannot avoid?

Publication Date: 31/01/2019 Author: Mario Mallia Milanes

The YouStartIT accelerator in context

Alex Borg, manager of the MITA Innovation Hub, explains what a startup accelerator is, what is the business model that sustains it, and why governments should invest in early stage accelerators

Publication Date: 24/01/2019 Author: Alexander Borg

What’s in store for Cyber Security

A New Year is often associated with personal resolutions, in ways of how one can resolve to change undesirable personal traits or behaviour, to attain a personal goal or to improve one’s personal life. The realm of cyber security calls for a resolution all the year round, not just for new year!

Publication Date: 17/01/2019 Author: Katia Bonello - Manager, Cyber Security Programme

2018 Initiatives and Achievements

During 2018, MITA has shown its continuous commitment towards digital security, especially with the setup of a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC). Acknowledging the need for more effective detection and response capabilities, the SOC was established as a single point of contact for information security events within Government. MITA invested further in security detection capabilities, implementing tools that make use of innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Publication Date: 10/01/2019 Author: Joseph Cutajar – Strategy & Business Department​

2018 Initiatives and Achievements

In the domain of Information Technology, we are living exciting times. We are embracing new technologies year after year, and thanks to these technologies we are also changing people’s lives; we are bringing added value in the services offered to our citizens, businesses and within government.

Publication Date: 03/01/2019 Author: MITA

Our vision for the new year

MITA, in its role to assist Government implement and support its digital agenda has constantly invested to maintain our data centre infrastructure, systems and services to address the ever changing public sector business needs.

Publication Date: 03/01/2019 Author: Brian Micallef

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