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The Security Hackathon

Event Description

  • Date: Saturday, 11th October 2014
  • Time: 3pm onwards
  • Venue: SmartCity Malta,SCM05, Kalkara
  • Price: Eur20 per participant

MITA in collaboration with TrustedSec, is organising a Security Hackathon (Capture the Flag) targeted to ICT professionals / students / enthusiasts.

The event will be an offensive type of hackathon and participants (groups of maximum 3) will have to find a number of 'flags/vulnerabilities/strategic points' in the environment setup by TrustedSec. The participants will have 4 hours to complete the challenges. Spot prizes will be given to groups reaching a number of achievements.

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Security Hackathon Schedule
  • Security Workshop - 1500hrs – 1600hrs

Speaker: Mr. David Kennedy - Founder, Principal Security Consultant at TrustedSec, LLC 
Topic: “Introduction to the Social-Engineer Toolkit and Metasploit”
  • Security Hackathon 1630hrs – 2030hrs

Hackathon Environment setup

Users will connect to a wireless network with a simulated infrastructure. This includes domains, linux systems, windows systems, web applications, and everything in between. The participants will be required to break into the systems and gain access to flags. These flags will then be inputted into the Capture The Flag scoreboard for appropriate tracking. 

Terms and conditions

Participants can only attack the capture the flag network. Any other attacks against other participants  will be an automatic disqualification.

  • XBOX One
  • €500 in cash prizes for professionals
  • €250 in cash prizes for students
  • €250 voucher for courses from Institute of Computer Education
  • Information Security related books​

Participants should: 
  • Bring their own laptop.
  • Have their workstation equipped with pre-defined hacking tools and a usable kali linux install (ref.​/) 
  • Food and Beverages will be provided

You can participate in one of the two categories either as a team (maximum 3 people) or as an individual. Both categories will face the same challenge but we will have separate prizes for each category – i.e. two winners!​
Category 1 Category 2
Who can apply
Professionals / Enthusiast Full-Time Students
Participation fee €20 per person €15 per person

Teams can either be all from Category 1, all from Category 2 or mixed. If a team is mixed they will be immediately considered as Category 1 (for prize/scoring purposes). However, participation fees will still be according to each individual (i.e. professionals/enthusiasts pay €20 each while students pay €15 each). 

For the full schedule of the Information Security Expo, click here.

Proceeds from tickets will be donated to MITA CSR Committee.