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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Bill Savings
 As from the 31st of March 2014, electricity and water tariffs have been reduced. This  calculator will help you calculate your savings based on your  previous  consumption.  This web calculator will provide you with an explanation of  what savings  you will be  making based on your consumption and the number of  residents in your  property. ​


Digital Malta App
    Digital Malta
 The purpose of the Digital Malta Mobile app is to provide current information, news  and progress statistics surrounding the execution and implementation of the Maltese  Digital Economy Strategy 2014 - 2020 branded Digital Malta. This app forms part of  the http://digitalmalta.gov.mt information suite of services which is the official portal  for any information related to the National Digital Strategy that was launched by the  Maltese Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat on the 24th March 2014.


Majjistral Park App    Majjistral Park
 Find information about the natural and cultural heritage in Majjistral, or take a guided  walk which will provide you with all the information you need along the way. Keep up  to date with all the latest events and news at Majjistral Park and book a place from  within the app. Ask for further information or make a report from within the app, or  even share pictures with the park or your friends.​


Malta Import Calculator App
    Malta Import Calculator​
 Search for the item you wish to import and the calculator will provide you with an  estimate of any related duties, taxes and/or certificates which may apply. Targets  Maltese citizens and economic operators to calculate an estimate of customs duties  and taxes when importing commodity goods to Malta

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Social MITA App
    Social MITA
 Social MITA Mobile APP is intended for internal employees of the Malta Information  Technology Agency (MITA). MITA is the central driver of Government’s Information  and Communications Technology policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta. MITA  manages the implementation of IT programmes in Government to enhance public  service delivery and provides the infrastructure needed to execute ICT services to  Government. This mobile APP was designed for the mobile form factor and developed  in house, intended for free consumption by the agency employees. The APP offers a  number of features including but not limited to dynamic content of News and Events  whilst also offers push notifications.

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Tarxien Temples App
    Tarxien Temples
 If you visit the Tarxien Temples, then this application is a must. You will find additional  information, pictures, videos, 3d models and much more. You can also have an  interactive tour and use the exclusive audio guide. All in the language of your choice.



Blood Donors MT App
    Blood Donors MT
 The Blood Donors MT Mobile Application is aimed to facilitate the communications  between the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) and the general public.